Open Air Art Market

Reno Art Fest 2019 will feature more than 50 artist tents, with original 2 and 3-dimensional fine art, including acrylics, oil and watercolor paintings; photography; ceramics; jewelry; glass; stone and metal sculptures; wood and clay pieces. This is your chance to talk to local, regional and national artists about their work, which is all available for purchase!


Participating Artists

William Cane – Painting

Theresa Shearn – Fiber

Tamara Dinius – Mixed Media

Susan Handau – Mixed Media

Saul Yurivilca – Jewelry

Robert Ulucan – Jewelry

Pierre Riche – Sculpture

Mike Loomis – Photography

Melissa Ghiglier – Painting

Mark Oldland – Metal

Lance Kennedy – Photography

Lake Albrecht – Painting

Kiley Burke – Mixed Media

Justin Lepper – Mixed Media

John Akhtar – Jewelry

Jason Sykes – Wood

Jake Gillispie – Painting

Izaac Zevalking – Mixed Media

Isabel Hurtado – Painting

Heather Akhtar – Mixed Media

Eric Brooks – Mixed Media

Emma Davis – Painting

Emily Edmunds – Mixed Media

Dick Pearson – Photography

Craig Newman – Painting

Connor Wright – Mixed Media

Bryce Chisholm – Painting

Brittany Sundheim – Ceramics

Ben Rodgers – Mixed Media

Ashley Dobson – Mixed Media

Arthur Houston Sr. – Photography

Andrea Kitchen – Painting

Amy Garcia – Painting

Aimee Rivka – Jewelry