Circus Circus 24-Hour Mural Marathon

Circus Circus at THE ROW will once again present its Mural Marathon, when competitors will have the weekend to paint an original mural 19’7” feet wide by 14’ high, which will become a permanent art installation on the side of the Circus Circus building. The murals (seven in total from seven different artists) will face Virginia Street in the heart of the Arch District in downtown Reno, a busy intersection for motorists and travelers.

Artists will compete for prize money: $3,000 to the first place winner, $2,000 to the second place winner and $1,000 for third place. Each artist will also receive a $750 stipend to pay for paint and materials in order to complete the murals. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges to be determined.

2019 Mural Artists

David Puck
Eric Weatherford
Ivan Roque
Rafael Blanco
Kate O’Hara
Melissa Ghillieri
Austin “Jiminai” Cashell